Seosan SK U12 Jeon Do-hyun “I feel better after playing basketball!”

The best sport for kids growing up. Basketball.

On the 30th, the second edition of the 2023 Chungnam Asan Youth Club League (i-League) (U12 division) was held at the gymnasium of Onyang Girls’ High School in Asan, Chungnam. A total of eight teams participated in the i-League, including the SK Junior Knights from Seosan.

“Two years ago, my mom made me play basketball because she wanted me to grow taller,” said Jeon Jeon-hyun (Seonamcho 6) of the Seosan SK Junior Knights. “At first, it was difficult to learn basketball, but as I went around, my body got better and my shots got better, so basketball is fun.” He introduced himself.

The team traveled about an hour from Seosan to Asan with their friends.

“We just played smartphone games with each other, so we didn’t really talk about anything on the way,” Jeon laughed.

He started playing basketball to get taller, but now it’s a dream.
“I got third place in my first tournament, and that’s when I realized I wanted to play basketball. Last year, I went to the SK tournament and met Heo Il-young, and it was fun and good,” says Jeon. “메이저사이트 This is my third tournament, and I think I shot better and played better than the first one, playing point guard.”

Despite his young age, Jeon said exactly what he thought throughout the interview.

“I like Steph Curry because he shoots well and plays basketball well, and I was nervous because it was my first interview, but I’m fine now. I’m grateful that my hagwon teacher explained my defense and shooting form in detail, and I want to tell my friend (Jung) Shihu, ‘Let’s have fun playing basketball together in the future,'” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the I-League is organized by the Korea Sports Council, hosted by the Korea Basketball Association and local basketball associations, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Organization.

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