“A dangerous swing that knocks the catcher down must be sanctioned.”

 “If the catcher is hit by the bat after the batter’s swing, it should be sanctioned.” SPOTV commentator Yang Sang-moon, who worked as a manager at Lotte and LG, emphasized the need for active regulation of the recently controversial ‘dangerous swing메이저놀이터‘.

Both committee members made this claim during the relay broadcast of the Kiwoom-LG match in Jamsil on the 2nd. In the sixth inning, Austin Dean swung and the bat grazed the catcher’s left forearm. It wasn’t a severe blow, but Lee Ji-young turned her left arm to check for abnormalities.

The situation happened just as Moon Seong-joo, the runner on first base, attempted to steal the base. It could have affected the play, but he caught the out from second base with an accurate throw.

In this scene, Commissioner Yang said, “If the ball thrown by the pitcher hits the batter’s head, it is a dismissal. (Similarly) if the catcher is hit by the bat after the batter swings, I think that part should also be sanctioned.”

When caster Lee Seung-hyun, who was next to him, said, “Recently, Choi Jae-hoon was injured,” Yang said, “That’s right. Even now, Lee Ji-young is hit in the arm,” he explained. Caster Lee also said, “A batter must be protected (from headshots), and in that respect, catchers are the same,” and Yang pointed out, “Isn’t it unreasonable to impose certain sanctions only on pitchers?”

The controversial incident happened on the 29th of last month. During the Incheon match between Hanwha and SSG, catcher Choi Jae-hoon collapsed after being hit with the left hand by Guillermo Heredia’s bat. He complained of considerable pain and could not get up for a while, and was replaced immediately. Heredia herself watched from the side with a worried expression.

Choi Jae-hoon was taken to the hospital and as a result of the examination, he was diagnosed with a microfracture on the back of his hand. He hasn’t been out of the roster since, but he hasn’t played in a game. In the meantime, the Eagles have suffered four consecutive losses, and manager Choi Won-ho announced that he plans to bring Choi Jae-hoon back from the game on the 3rd.

The problem is the risk of relapse. Heredia already had one fight in April. In the NC game, he hit Park Se-hyuk on the back of the head with an overswing. An ambulance came to the ground and he was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. Because of lacerations accompanied by bleeding, his head had to be stitched about 2 to 3 cm, and he was excluded from the entry and could not play for 10 days. Even after his comeback, he had to struggle with his sense of practice and batting pace.

Heredia seemed to be cautious for a while after that. His at-bat position has shifted slightly toward the pitcher, and his swing seems to have shortened. However, he is the subject of criticism for causing another accident. The day after Choi Jae-hoon was injured (July 30), his helmet was hit by a sand dune while he was at bat. Jang Si-hwan was sent off for a headshot, and the community bulletin board was hot about whether it was intentional or not.

Public opinion pointing out the problem is boiling. ‘You never know when someone else might get hurt. You can’t just leave a swing like that.’ ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t fix it. That’s more of a problem.’ ‘Looking at the results, a renewal of the contract next year is likely. So that means we have to keep seeing dangerous hitters like that.’

Therefore, it is argued that such play should be sanctioned. This means that measures such as expulsion, fines, and suspension from business trips are necessary. There is also a voice that the level of discipline should be gradually increased according to the cumulative number of times. That means it will have a preventive effect.

One netizen took the example of LG Park Dong-won. He, too, has caused problems on several occasions. However, after being criticized by public opinion, he promised to correct it with an apology. After all, this season has gotten even better. That is, you can change it as much as you like.

On the other hand, the advocates pay attention to intentionality. It wasn’t intentional, it was an accident of injustice. It means that it is revealed even in the way you are sorry. Also, it is not a blow against the rules. There is also a suggestion that if the catcher steps back a bit, it will be okay if he is anxious.

But this, too, provokes a backlash. When the catcher sits away, it affects the pitcher. If it is a problematic behavior, it is right for the culprit to correct it. It is not reasonable for the ‘victim’ to suffer loss. such an objection

Accidents caused by overswing tend to be repeated by certain hitters. It means that a person who does it according to the batting form, position, and trajectory of the swing is likely to continue. The cases of Park Dong-won and Heredia prove this.

This isn’t about following the rules. It was done inside the plate, and a bat that met the standard was used. It is also unclear whether it was intentional or not. So there is no basis for sanctions. Such an argument is not valid. Rules are only minimal norms. There can be no regulations that prioritize safety.

It is the league secretariat that makes and enforces the rules. The General Assembly, the Board, the Rules Committee, and the Supervisors’ meeting shall discuss it. Suggest improvement measures or prepare sanctions. Acceptable and systematized principles should be established. We have to answer the fans’ controversy and baseball players’ point out.

It is negligence to leave behind repeated work. It is the same to expect only the reflection of the person concerned. Expecting retaliatory beanballs as a solution is the worst. The KBO has to do its job.

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