‘Cheongcheon Thunderbolt Great Crisis’ hit 1st place 4 weeks away… put to the real test

An ominous feeling has become a reality. Guillermo Heredia, who is running at the top of the batting line, leaves due to injury. It took four weeks, and the team faced the biggest crisis.메이저놀이터

SSG Landers canceled Heredia from the first team entry ahead of the Busan Lotte Giants match on the 4th. Instead, outfielder Lee Jung-beom from the 2nd team was called up. Because of Heredia’s injury. Heredia started as usual as the 4th hitter and left fielder against the KT Wiz held in Suwon on the 3rd, the day before. However, after digesting his second at-bat at the beginning of the 4th inning, he even managed to defend at the end of the 4th inning, but was suddenly replaced before the defense at the end of the 5th inning. Ha Jae-hoon was put in as a left fielder and played two at-bats.

The reason for the replacement, it turned out, was due to an injury. In the process of batting and running, Heredia, who felt discomfort in the front part of his thigh, eventually could not play more and was replaced. After a hospital examination, he was diagnosed with a sprained muscle in the front of his left thigh (iliopsoas muscle). It’s an injury that takes about four weeks to recover from.

it’s lightning Heredia is the hitter who ranks first in batting average in the entire league as of the 4th. He is 1st, narrowly ahead of Aseop Son (NC) with 3 3 2 Li. Even if I put off the personal title, if Heredia leaves immediately, the vacancy in the attack is too big. SSG suffered from the worst vacancy in three consecutive matches against KT this week, giving only one point in all three matches. The result was a series sweep loss. Fortunately, in the game against Lotte on the 4th, even in the absence of Heredia, he showed concentration on defense and won 4-1, and succeeded in breaking the losing streak. However, no one can predict what will happen next. Recently, the team’s batting pace has not been good, and as consecutive losses have become more frequent than winning streaks, the pressure for one win has increased. If Heredia is missing here, the center lineup will inevitably become much looser.

Above all, the breakaway period is long. Heredia also missed several games in the first half due to a minor wrist injury while carrying a bag, and was also absent for a while due to issues with obtaining US citizenship. However, it is another matter that recovery alone takes about four weeks. Since the injured part is the thigh, it is difficult to train properly during the rehabilitation period. Even if he recovers, he needs more time to rebuild his body and restore the feeling of the game. If that happens, Heredia may not return until mid-September.

The ranking battle is already in full swing. SSG is running towards the goal of recapturing first place, but the gap with the LG Twins has already widened. KT is fiercely chasing from behind, so even the second place cannot be relieved.

But there is no sharp alternative. We have to fill the empty spot in Heredia with the remaining players. August is a full-fledged ranking competition that all command towers choose. SSG also faced the worst of the bad news at the point where they had to take a strong drive. This is the real test.

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