Samsung’s ‘1.7 billion foreigner’ decided to break up, is it Kang-su who is the last to leave… Why worry about ‘additional investment’?

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 Is Kangsu for the last place? The Samsung Lions are preparing to part ways with foreign pitcher Albert Suarez (34).메이저놀이터

It is known that Samsung is planning to announce a waiver for Suarez, who has left due to an injury, and on the 4th, the NC Dinos plan to apply for the transfer of foreign pitcher Taylor Widener (29), who requested a waiver from the KBO. An official announcement from the club is yet to be made.

When the related news was announced prior to the Doosan Bears game in Jamsil on the 9th, a Samsung official said, “It is true that the application for the transfer of Widener is one of the alternatives, but nothing has been decided yet. It gave a principled answer.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said in an interview with reporters before the related news was announced, regarding Suarez’s vacancy, “I think we will have to see how the game goes tomorrow (the 10th) first. I will have to watch the game tomorrow.”

According to Article 95 of the KBO Rules, ‘Application for Transfer of Player Contract’, a club that wishes to acquire a player contract for a waiver must apply for the transfer of the player contract to the president within 7 days from the date the governor announces the waiver. Since Widener announced a waiver on the 4th, the transfer application must be completed by the 10th.

After 10 days, even if you sign a contract with Widener, you will not be able to put him on the mound this year. Article 99 of the KBO Rules, ‘Special case in case of no application for transfer’, states that ‘a waiver player who has not applied for a transfer shall change his or her status to a free agent from the day after the 7th day from the day the governor announces the waiver. However, it is specified that no club can conclude a player contract with that player for the current year.

In fact, Widener is not a card that a team aiming for the top 5 can choose. According to Article 94 of the KBO Rules, ‘Waiver Disclosure’, players transferred by waiver after August 1 cannot participate in the postseason. NC already confirmed the breakup with Widener on the 22nd of last month, but it was only after August that Widener announced a waiver while preparing a contract with new foreign pitcher Tanner Tully. Regardless of the intention, the team aiming for the top 5 did not give room to consider reinforcing the mound with a widener.

Samsung received a total of 1.3 million dollars (approximately 1.7 billion won) by renewing the contract with Suarez this year. It is a large amount that goes into the top ranks among foreign pitcher ransoms in the KBO League. Suarez wore a Samsung uniform for the first time last year and only harvested 6 wins (8 losses) in 30 games, but left an outstanding record of 173⅔ innings, an average ERA of 2.49, and 159 strikeouts. This is the background that could have led to a renewal of the contract.

This year, before the calf injury, he recorded 4 wins, 7 losses, 108 innings, and an average ERA of 3.92 in 19 games, leading the starting lineup with David Buchanan (34). However, on the 7th, when he was diagnosed with a 12cm damage to his left calf muscle, he came to a situation where he had to take off his uniform in an instant. Considering the recovery period of four weeks and the rehabilitation and return period, it is unknown whether he will be able to stand on the mound within the season.

Samsung is not in a situation to do its best to defend the top 5 right now. As of the 10th, the season record is at the bottom with 40 wins, 56 losses and 1 draw. There is a 9.5 game gap with the 5th place Doosan Bears (48 wins, 45 losses, 1 draw). Considering that there are only 47 games left this year, it is difficult to calmly recover the 9.5 game gap.

Since Samsung cannot use Suarez, who had invested 1.3 million dollars, in one way or another, they planned to receive a transfer while preserving Widener’s salary for the rest of the season. Even if fall baseball is difficult, you have to show a strong will to get out of the bottom. Widener signed a contract with NC for a total of $743,000 (about 900 million won). He has to invest a lot of money anew, even if it is his salary for the rest of the season. Along with Suarez, even Choi Chae-heung (28), who was unable to shake off sluggishness after being discharged from Sangmu, has left the starting lineup, so reinforcing the mound is necessary.

Widener recorded 4 wins, 2 losses, 61⅔ innings, and an ERA of 4.52 in 11 games this year. The ups and downs were so severe that the quality start was only six times, so in the end, it was given a failing grade. It is encouraging that he pitched well with 1 win, 13 innings and 3 runs in his last 2 games in NC.

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