‘Although a new Korean MLB record was broken’ Kim Ha-seong, double and multi-on-base made a big success

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Major League Baseball (MLB) San Diego’s Kim Ha-seong (27) overcame the disappointment of breaking the record for consecutive hits by Koreans, and played an active role with long hits and multiple on-base hits.

Kim Ha-seong started as a shortstop with the first batter in an away game against Arizona held at Chase Field on the 14th (Korean time) and recorded 1 hit, 1 walk and 1 run in 4 at-bats. He played the role of top hitter with two on-base hits.메이저놀이터

I washed away my regrets the day before. Kim Ha-seong hit 16 consecutive hits in an away game against Arizona on the 12th, tying with the Korean MLB record for consecutive hits set by Choo Shin-soo (now SSG) in Cincinnati in 2013. However, on the 13th, when he set a new record, he went 0-for-4 in 4 at-bats.

Ha-seong Kim’s bat blew fire from the first at-bat. In the first inning, Kim Ha-seong hit the opposing rookie right-hander starter Brandon Pot with a double in left field. Season 17 double.

Ha-seong Kim then scored the first goal by stepping into the groove when Fernando Tatis Jr. hit the right time. It was his 65th goal of the season. When Ha-seong Kim opened the attack, San Diego scored two more runs, including Manny Machado’s RBI double and Jake Cronenworth’s timely hit.

Kim Ha-seong calmly picked out a walk in the second inning and completed a multi-on-base run. This is the 55th multi-on-base of the season. However, he failed to score due to a missed follow-up.

Afterwards, Kim Ha-seong suffered two strikeouts and retired with a beom-ta in the last at-bat. He maintained a batting average of 2.8 6s (109 hits in 381 at-bats) for the season. His on-base percentage rose one league to 3.8.

Despite Kim Ha-sung’s performance, the team was defeated due to bullpen hunting. After giving up a two-run homer to Lourdes Gurriel Jr. in the bottom of the 7th inning, leading 4-2, he allowed a sacrifice hit to Alec Thomas in the bottom of the 8th, losing 4-5.

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