Anycalls, who became the main pillar of KIA after the selection and collapse of the back door, ‘a treasure to be sewn’

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The foreign pitching duo was replaced after sluggish performance, and the new and old left-handers did not live up to expectations. Pil Seung-jo, who had 35 saves and 35 holds in the previous season, also collapsed. There were no major injury variables, but the mound I envisioned before the season was completely distorted. It is about the professional baseball KIA Tigers.메이저놀이터

Still, the team’s ERA is third in the league (3.87). After the 6th inning, it is more solid at 3.29. The fact that he is holding out around the 50% odds ratio is actually thanks to his all-weather fighting spirit.

The award winner is Lim Ki-young from Sidearm. He played 42 games until the 15th and was responsible for 61⅓ innings, the most among all bullpen pitchers in the league. The inning digestion power is equipped with a sense of stability at the finish level. He went 2-1 with 2 saves and 11 holds with a 2.35 earned run average. An annual salary of 150 million won feels like a bargain.

For him, who has been running as a starter since being discharged from the military, switching to the bullpen this season has become a “God’s move”. Based on a messy ball tip and a high-level pitch, he opened a pitch that was calculated. Thanks to the experience of constantly rotating, he was able to digest his multi-innings easily. The power of the main weapon changeup, which sinks outside the left batter, did not cover the situation or opponent. In fact, his batting average against left-handed hitters this season was 0.155, which was lower than that against right-handed hitters (0.198).

The growth of left-hander Choi Ji-min was a hot topic throughout the first half. The sweat shed in Australia all winter led to a dramatic increase in speed. It seemed that the unstoppable momentum was broken with the arrival of the heat, but this month it raised the pace again. In 5 games in August, he blocked a total of 4 innings with 3 hits and no runs.

In terms of presence, Lee Jun-young does not lag behind. Last season, with a proprietary slider, he posted an earned run average of 2 points for the first time since his debut, and he has evolved a step this year. He appeared in 46 games, the most on the team, and took 1 win and 8 holds without loss. His earned run average dropped to 2.42.

Jeon Sang-hyun is the only one who has played his part in the existing Pil Seung-jo ‘J Trio’. He, like Jang Hyeon-sik and Jung Hae-young, went through ups and downs at the beginning of this season and went back and forth to the 2nd team, but he came back to life from last June and is claiming to be the bullpen ace in the second half.

These four pitched a total of 17⅓ innings this month, giving only one point. Kim Yu-shin (7⅔innings, 2 runs) and Kim Ki-hoon (5 innings, no run) are also good pacers. I am qualified to have my voice heard at the salary negotiation table.

The problem is that beads and words must be threaded to become a treasure. There seems to be a lot of quality bullpen resources, but KIA’s back door concerns have not been resolved. Jung Hae-young, who seemed to come back to life last month, struggled by conceding runs in 3 of the last 4 games. Considering the role of a closer, it is difficult to blame the poor pitch due to frequent fights.

This kind of concern inevitably deepens towards the end of the season when everyone goes into total war mode. It is all the more so if KIA, which is struggling for mid-ranking, succeeds in advancing to the postseason. This is why one point of observation is who the KIA bench will choose as a firefighter in a close battle situation where there is no tomorrow.

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