Seo Joon-won sentenced to 6 years in prison, the desperate fall of a prospect for ‘production of sexual exploitation of minors’

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 He was once regarded as a player with more talent than anyone else, but he is walking the path of downfall in an instant. This is Seo Jun-won (23), a former Lotte pitcher who is on trial for sexual exploitation. Prosecutors sought six years in prison for him.메이저놀이터

According to the legal community, on the 23rd, the 5th Criminal Division of the Busan District Court (Chief Judge Jang Ki-seok) held a decision trial against Seo Jun-won, who was charged with violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Adolescents Sex (Production and Distribution of Sexual Exploitation, etc.).

On this day, the prosecution requested Seo Jun-won to be sentenced to 6 years in prison, confiscation of certain crimes, order to complete classes, public notice, and 7 years to restrict employment.

Seo Jun-won was found to have reached an agreement with the victim’s side after the last date.

Seo Jun-won is accused of producing sexual exploitation of children and adolescents by having him take a body picture of a woman he met through social media last year and send it to him. The fact that the woman in question was a minor was truly shocking.

In the first trial, she generally admitted to the prosecution, but claimed that she did not know that the victim was a minor, but in the second trial, she overturned her previous position, saying that she committed the crime while knowing that she was a minor.

Seo Jun-won was called “Ace” during his high school days in Gyeongnam, and made his professional debut after receiving the first nomination from the Lotte Giants in the 2019 rookie draft. He has been called a promising player and has been highly anticipated by the club, but he has not been able to secure a spot. He recorded 15 wins, 23 losses, 5 holds, and an earned run average of 5.56 in 123 KBO league career games.

He was released from Lotte in March when the crime was known, and he was suspended from participating activities by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

He was also stripped of the ‘High School Choi Dong-won Award’. This award was first awarded in November 2018 as an award given to a high school pitcher who performed the best that year. And one of the two first winners was Seo Jun-won, who played an active role at Gyeongnam High School in Busan. 

Kang Jin-soo, secretary-general of the commemorative business association, said, “The board of directors and all members of the business association were greatly shocked by the judgment that Seo Jun-won’s actions were serious and anti-humanitarian.” We have decided to forfeit the High School Choi Dong-won Award.”

Sentencing is scheduled to take place on the 13th of next month at 2:00 pm.

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