“Yang Chang-seop dog xx” Oh Jae-won bombarded with abusive language at a junior pitcher in Insta Labang… what’s the story?

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Oh Jae-won (38), a former professional baseball player and former SPOTV commentator, poured out abusive language toward Yang Chang-seop (24, Samsung Lions) on Instagram Live. In June, the two had a war of nerves over whether Yang Chang-seop’s death ball was intentional.메이저놀이터

Oh Jae-won mentioned Yang Chang-seop’s name several times during the Instagram live on the 23rd. While greeting junior players in the chat window, he suddenly said, “You can see this hierarchy. xx Yang Chang-seop reminds me of the dog xx, everyone?” “It all started because of Yang Chang-seop. I couldn’t stand it because I didn’t have a lot of quirks, so many incidents overlapped.”

Oh Jae-won also said, “Chang-sub is raining like the future,” or holding a stone and saying, “Chang-seop, even if I throw this, I’ll throw better than you.” He even cursed his fingers and said, “Changseop-ah, eat this.”

The conflict between Oh Jae-won and Yang Chang-seop dates back to the Samsung Lions-SSG Landers match on June 25th. At that time, Yang Chang-seop sent out SSG Choi Jeong with a ball that hit him in the bottom of the 7th inning. When Choi Jung arrived at first base, Yang Chang-seop took off his hat and apologized. In a later interview, Yang Chang-seop explained that he did not hit the ball on purpose.

Oh Jae-won, who relayed the match, had a different idea. He saw the scene and raised suspicion of beanball, saying, “This is an open hit.” He said, “I hate this situation the most,” and “I don’t even need to apologize. As soon as I threw it, it was strange from before, so I tried to get over it, but this was a straight hit. There’s no way Choi Jeong wouldn’t know.” It was argued that Yang Chang-seop’s pitching was intentional.

The war of nerves between the commentators and players spread outside the field. Yang Chang-seop quoted the Talmud on Instagram after the game and said, “Fish are always caught with the mouth. Humans also get it through their mouths.” Fans speculated that this phrase was aimed at Oh Jae-won. Then, Oh Jae-won also posted a Talmud verse on his account, “Foolish people talk about what they hear, and wise people talk about what they see.”

In the aftermath of this incident, Oh Jae-won voluntarily resigned as a commentator at SPOTV. Two months after that, he took out Yang Chang-seop’s name and mocked and cursed at him. Oh Jae-won said on the live that day, “What happened with Yang Chang-seop after that? I’m glad he didn’t meet me. When I met him, I hit him xxx.” “Talmud with Oh Jae-won. Is it the second disease?” He directly mentioned the conflict in June. Currently, this live video has been deleted from Jaewon Oh’s social media accounts.

On the other hand, Oh Jae-won has been rumored to have sniped Park Chan-ho on the ‘Den Magazine’ YouTube channel in May. He said, “I hate the Korean Express (Park Chan-ho) very much.” I don’t think I’ve ever taken responsibility for it.”

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