Chaos Changwon… 2 player-coach sent off, LG Lim Chan-gyu headshot-NC Kang In-kwon video review protest

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 On the 27th, in the LG-NC match held at Changwon NC Park, two players were sent off. LG pitcher Lim Chan-gyu and NC coach Kang In-kwon were ejected for different reasons. 

Lim Chan-gyu resigned due to a headshot in the bottom of the first inning. In the safe 1st and 3rd base crisis, the first fastball thrown against NC Park Gun-woo headed toward the face. It hit the gladiator helmet protector that covered the left side of Park Gun-woo’s face.메이저놀이터 

The impact of the ball knocked the shield off the helmet. Park Kun-woo also collapsed at the plate and complained of pain, but soon got up and walked to first base. Lim Chan-gyu approached Park Gun-woo and apologized, and Park Gun-woo also comforted Lim Chan-gyu. 

Park Gun-woo, who was replaced for player protection, moved to the hospital, and Lim Chan-gyu was sent off according to the headshot regulation. This is his 24th ejection this season, and his 10th headshot. 

LG put in Choi Dong-hwan as an emergency after starter Lim Chan-gyu failed to catch an out count and went down after 9 pitches. Choi Dong-hwan, who came out with no bases loaded, allowed Jason Martin to walk, but Kwon Hee-dong was fouled by catcher and Do Tae-hoon was treated as a double hit at first base, ending with one run. 

In the beginning of the 3rd inning, NC coach Kang In-kwon was ejected for protesting the results of the video review. 

In the first and third bases with one out, LG Shin Min-jae’s missed ball floated between second base and center fielder. NC second baseman Ba ​​Min-woo caught it in reverse and threw it to first base. Hong Chang-ki, the first base runner who was running to second base, also aimed for a double out, and it seemed that the inning ended without conceding a run. 

All the fielders entered the dugout, but LG claimed that third base runner Park Hae-min stepped into the home first before Hong Chang-ki was out. While Park Min-woo threw to first base, Park Hae-min retouched from third base and returned home. As the referee accepted this, LG’s one point was recognized. Shin Min-jae’s sacrifice fly from second base tied the score at 1-1. 

NC immediately protested against this. A video review was requested, but the decision was not overturned, and coach Kang In-kwon came out to the ground and appealed strongly. If the director appeals to the results of the video review, it is an automatic exit. The coach’s departure was the 11th of the season, and 9 times including director Kang on this day were video review protests.

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