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“It’s crazy hot.” Austin’s Korean words, which made him doubt his ears, were impressed by the fan service that was hotter than Daefrica.

“It’s crazy hot,” I doubted my ears for a moment at the cry of Austin, a foreign batter who spoke Korean with an accurate pronunciation.메이저놀이터

Daefrica (Daegu + Africa), where the highest temperature reached 37 degrees for two days in a row. Fans of the LG Twins who visited Lions Park were impressed by the fan service of Austin, a foreign hitter who knelt down to his knees and signed autographs.

Daegu Lions Park on the 5th, where the second game of the weekend 3-game series between the Samsung Lions and the LG Twins took place. Fans who visited the stadium enjoyed baseball despite the heatwave of Daefrica in the famous game between the two teams, which had been repeating reversals until the end of the game the day before.

Fans who traveled all the way to Daegu to support the LG Twins, who were in first place, energized the players by calling their names whenever they entered the dugout from the ground. At this time, Austin, who found a fan wearing an away uniform and even a hat, was holding the NO.23 Austin uniform, and Austin turned to the dugout.

Jamsil Ohssi Austin sends even K-hearts to away fans.
Austin, who was seated in front of the fence, knelt down to sign the uniform and continued fan service. When the fans around him asked for autographs, Austin made a gesture asking them to throw the uniform over the safety net with a bright expression.

After sitting in front of the fence for a while, Austin signed autographs on cheer sticks, uniforms, baseballs, whatever fans wanted, and then left, waving his hands.

Austin, who was sweating profusely signing autographs for the fans even before the game started, even sent his finger heart to the fans calling him.

Heading to the dugout, Austin shouted “It’s crazy hot” with the correct pronunciation. Choi Dong-hwan approached Austin, who was immediately seated in front of the portable air conditioner to cool off his sweat.

Despite the hot weather of 37 degrees in South Africa, LG away fans who visited Daegu were impressed by the special fan service of Austin, a foreign batter.

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Kim Ha-seong, who got away from fall baseball, SD who even broke away from the ’10-win selection’

Ha-seong Kim (28)’s team, the San Diego Padres, was in a state of emergency.

San Diego placed starting pitcher Joe Musgrove (31) on the 15-day disabled list (IL) on the 5th (Korean time). According to local media, Musgrove is unavoidable for the next three weeks as inflammation of the joint capsule in his shoulder was found in his magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. He was expected to return in September at the earliest, so he had homework to fill the void.메이저놀이터

Musgrove was a formidable starter before his injury. He started 17 games on the season, going 10-3 with a 3.05 earned run average. Blake Snell (8-8, 2.50 ERA) ranked first in most wins on the team, ahead of Yu Darvish (8-7, 4.53 ERA). He led the starting lineup by tying for 5th place in the National League (NL) in most wins, but was again knocked off the line due to an unexpected injury. Musgrove started the season in IL with a broken toe in late March.

Musgrove, who debuted in the big leagues in 2016, has a career record (8 years) of 60-57 with an ERA of 3.72. One of the stable selection resources that achieved double-digit wins for 3 consecutive years from the 2021 season. Recognizing his value, San Diego agreed to a five-year contract extension worth a total of $100 million (130.8 billion won) in August of last year. San Diego, which was on fire due to Musgrove’s departure, registered veteran left-handed pitcher Rich Hill in a trade to its 40-man roster.

Hill changed his uniform from the Pittsburgh Pirates to San Diego on the 2nd during the trade that included Choi Man-man. His syntactic record was 89-69 with an earned run average of 3.93. He is 7-10 with a 4.76 earned run average in 22 starts this season.

San Diego fell to 4th place in the National League with 54 wins and 55 losses. It seems that the team has moved away from the postseason competition with the leading LA Dodgers (62-45) in nine games. To make matters worse, he left Musgrove, making it even more difficult in the future ranking competition.

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“I couldn’t breathe and my face looked yellow” But I persevered and victory came

KT Wiz Bae Seong-seong achieved quality start for 2 consecutive games, contributing to the team’s 7th consecutive win.메이저놀이터

KT won 4-3 in an away game against Doosan in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 4th. With this victory, KT ran a season-high 7 consecutive wins, making a season record of 48 wins, 2 draws and 43 losses, surpassing Doosan (46 wins, 1 draw and 43 losses) and rising to third place.

Bae Seong-seong, who took the mound as a starting pitcher that day, was not perfect with 7 hits, 4 walks and 1 strikeout in 6 innings, but he minimized the run with 2 runs. did.

There was a reason it wasn’t perfect. After the game, Bae Seong-seong confessed, “Actually, the weather was really hot, so it was hard to overcome.” He looked back, saying, “I couldn’t breathe well on the mound, and the front looked yellow. Maybe that’s why, from the middle, it was rather helpful to relax and throw.”

Bae Seong-seong said, “I tried to play strong and aggressively with the idea of ​​catching it, but the number of pitches increased in the early stages as well-thrown balls were hit. I was able to last 6 innings,” he turned the ball to his teammates.

After enduring 6 innings, Hwang Jae-gyun’s home run hit in the top of the 7th inning when the score was tied 2-2. Hwang Jae-gyun’s home run, which brought the lead, Bae Seong-seong covered his mouth with both hands and showed a liking like a girl fan. Afterwards, Exclusiveness was able to pass the mound to Sovereignty with the conditions for victory at the end of the 7th inning, and as the bullpen kept the lead, the Exclusiveness victory was also completed.

KT was on a 6-game winning streak, and all the starting pitchers in these 6 winning games achieved quality starts. Exclusiveness did not want to cut off the flow. He also said, “All the team members are doing well, and especially the starters are doing well, and it is a situation where you can go up to third place, so I didn’t want to come down without a quality start.”

Then, he said, “Personally these days, I’m getting a balance and it’s leading to stable pitching.” compacted

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‘Cheongcheon Thunderbolt Great Crisis’ hit 1st place 4 weeks away… put to the real test

An ominous feeling has become a reality. Guillermo Heredia, who is running at the top of the batting line, leaves due to injury. It took four weeks, and the team faced the biggest crisis.메이저놀이터

SSG Landers canceled Heredia from the first team entry ahead of the Busan Lotte Giants match on the 4th. Instead, outfielder Lee Jung-beom from the 2nd team was called up. Because of Heredia’s injury. Heredia started as usual as the 4th hitter and left fielder against the KT Wiz held in Suwon on the 3rd, the day before. However, after digesting his second at-bat at the beginning of the 4th inning, he even managed to defend at the end of the 4th inning, but was suddenly replaced before the defense at the end of the 5th inning. Ha Jae-hoon was put in as a left fielder and played two at-bats.

The reason for the replacement, it turned out, was due to an injury. In the process of batting and running, Heredia, who felt discomfort in the front part of his thigh, eventually could not play more and was replaced. After a hospital examination, he was diagnosed with a sprained muscle in the front of his left thigh (iliopsoas muscle). It’s an injury that takes about four weeks to recover from.

it’s lightning Heredia is the hitter who ranks first in batting average in the entire league as of the 4th. He is 1st, narrowly ahead of Aseop Son (NC) with 3 3 2 Li. Even if I put off the personal title, if Heredia leaves immediately, the vacancy in the attack is too big. SSG suffered from the worst vacancy in three consecutive matches against KT this week, giving only one point in all three matches. The result was a series sweep loss. Fortunately, in the game against Lotte on the 4th, even in the absence of Heredia, he showed concentration on defense and won 4-1, and succeeded in breaking the losing streak. However, no one can predict what will happen next. Recently, the team’s batting pace has not been good, and as consecutive losses have become more frequent than winning streaks, the pressure for one win has increased. If Heredia is missing here, the center lineup will inevitably become much looser.

Above all, the breakaway period is long. Heredia also missed several games in the first half due to a minor wrist injury while carrying a bag, and was also absent for a while due to issues with obtaining US citizenship. However, it is another matter that recovery alone takes about four weeks. Since the injured part is the thigh, it is difficult to train properly during the rehabilitation period. Even if he recovers, he needs more time to rebuild his body and restore the feeling of the game. If that happens, Heredia may not return until mid-September.

The ranking battle is already in full swing. SSG is running towards the goal of recapturing first place, but the gap with the LG Twins has already widened. KT is fiercely chasing from behind, so even the second place cannot be relieved.

But there is no sharp alternative. We have to fill the empty spot in Heredia with the remaining players. August is a full-fledged ranking competition that all command towers choose. SSG also faced the worst of the bad news at the point where they had to take a strong drive. This is the real test.

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10th overtime 122nd pitch → Highest 154km bang! “look tired?” Bauer wasn’t a CY awardee for nothing

Trevor Bauer (Yokohama DeNA Baystars), who tasted the joy of holding the Cy Young Award given to the best pitcher while playing in the major leagues, had a unique experience on the Japanese stage that he hadn’t had in the big leagues.메이저놀이터

Bauer started the 2023 Japan Professional Baseball match against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp held at Matsuda Zoom-Zoom Stadium in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time) and showed pitching by throwing 123 pitches in 10 innings. Bauer recorded 4 hits, 5 strikeouts, 3 walks and no runs, but unfortunately he could not reach victory.

The match between Yokohama DeNA and Hiroshima on this day was truly a pitcher’s match. The starting pitchers of both teams kept the mound until the end of the regular innings, showing off a scoreless pitch, and after going into overtime, the bullpen pitchers took over the baton and continued the trend, ending a 0-0 tie after 12 extra innings. recorded nothing.

Bauer made his debut with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2012 and spent 10 seasons with the Cleveland Indians (now the Guardians), Cincinnati Reds, and Los Angeles Dodgers, posting a record of 83-69 with a 3.79 ERA. In particular, in 2020, when the shortened season was held due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), based on an excellent performance of 5 wins, 4 losses and an average ERA of 1.73, he also held the National League Cy Young Award in his arms. There was something Bauer had never experienced. Standing on the mound even in overtime. Bauer did this in Japan.

Bauer was a bit uneasy, getting two hits from the start of the first inning, but started the game scoreless. It didn’t take long for Bauer to settle down. Bauer sent out a runner with a ball that hit the body in the second inning, but he blocked Hiroshima’s center line with a double stroke, and from the third inning he started to show off a three-way show, and until the sixth inning, an iron wall that did not send a single runner to the ground. He spread the pitch and cooked the opponent’s batting line.

The cruise continued. In the top of the 7th inning, Bauer gave up a walk to Noma Takayoshi, the lead batter, but the good flow seemed to be cut off. There was no Bauer was in a situation where he was not receiving support from the other line, but he got on the mound in the ninth inning and showed the potential to tie the Hiroshima line up.

And the scene of the best came after going into overtime. Hiroshima starter Hiroki Tokoda, who showed a pitching match on a par with Bauer, who was born in Cy Young, gave up the mound to the bullpen from the 10th inning after recording 104 pitches, 5 hits, 3 strikeouts, 2 walks and no runs in 9 innings. However, Bauer once again appeared on the mound in the bottom of the 10th inning when the match was 0-0.

A situation where the power is lost. It was difficult for Bauer, but he did his job perfectly. Bauer seemed to continue cruising by catching the lead batter with a ground ball to the second baseman in the bottom of the 10th inning. However, he put out a runner while being hit by follow-up hitter Akiyama, and after allowing a sacrifice bunt, gave up four pitches of an automatic go to Sakukura, putting him in danger of finishing. Here, Bauer’s genius was revealed. Bauer faced Kosuke Tanaka in the crisis of conceding a point, and 3B-1S induced a floating ball to the left field through a 153km fastball on the 5th pitch, completing 10 scoreless innings.

Despite throwing everything he had, he didn’t have a chance to win the team, but Bauer’s experience on the mound even before overtime seemed to be quite amazing. According to Japan’s ‘Daily Sports’, Bauer said, “It’s the first time since I became a pro that I’ve been on the mound for overtime,” and asked the reporters, “Do you look tired?”

On this day, Bauer had his highest velocity of 154 km, which came in the 122nd pitch. He did as much as he could. He smiled, saying, “Probably the fastest 154km came in the last 1st and 2nd base crises, but as you can see, I’m not physically tired at all. In the 10th inning, the adrenaline came out and I wondered if I could sleep tonight.”

Of course, there was also the regret of not being able to reap victory. Bauer said, “I was able to play the game smoothly after getting two hits in the first inning, but I couldn’t win in the end. It was a game that I had to win today. I feel a little frustrated because I thought I wanted to win this series without fail. But my parents must have been happy. I think it is,” he said.

It was a no decision in 10 scoreless innings, but there was no harvest at all. With the pitch that day, Bauer reached the regulation innings and even got his 100th strikeout this season. And according to the result of this 3-game series, Yokohama DeNA was in danger of falling to 4th place.

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Pohang’s 3rd match in the middle of the week ‘50% fierce’… Koo Ja-wook, the first ‘hitting king’ challenge in his life, why not?

The pace of Samsung Lions’ Koo Ja-wook is unusual. The challenge for the first hitting king in his life seems quite possible.메이저놀이터

Ja-wook Koo showed off his heightened sense of hitting by recording 7 hits in 13 at-bats with a batting average of 0.538 and 3 RBIs in three consecutive weekday matches against the KIA Tigers in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Pohang Baseball Stadium on the 1st to 3rd. In particular, in the games on the 2nd and 3rd, he harassed the KIA mound by performing 3 hits in 2 consecutive games. The team, which ended with 1 win and 2 losses in 3 games, finished 3 consecutive matches during the week with a losing series, but once again confirmed the presence of Ja-wook Koo.

Up until the beginning of the season, Ja-wook Koo’s performance did not stand out much. During the month of April, he recorded 31 hits in 93 at-bats in 24 games with a batting average of 0.333, 2 homers and 12 RBIs, but suffered from a sluggish performance in May with 19 hits in 79 at-bats and a batting average of 0.241 with 1 home run and 12 RBIs in 22 games.

In June, it seemed to be successful in rebounding, but this time, an injury got in the way. Ja-wook Koo suffered a right hamstring injury during an away game against Daejeon Hanwha Eagles on June 3 and was sidelined for a month. It was hopeful news for the team and the player himself that he returned before the end of the first half while showing a faster-than-expected recovery.

More than anyone else, the player himself regretted the injury, and Ja-wook Koo wanted to make up for it. Starting with the match against Doosan Bears in Pohang on the 6th of last month, the first half ended with a hit in 5 consecutive games, followed by the match against KT Wiz in Daegu on the 22nd and the match against KIA on August 3rd. Ja-wook Koo’s performance in the second half was 22 hits in 51 at-bats in 12 games, a batting average of 0.431, 1 home run and 14 RBIs.

With the addition of Ja-wook Koo, the team also gained momentum. For a month since his comeback match against Doosan on July 4, Samsung had 9 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses in 19 games, with a winning rate of exactly 50%. Looking at the second half alone, it is recording the fourth highest win rate along with NC Dinos with 6 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses (0.545). In particular, in Samsung, the team’s batting average reached 0.335 in the second half, and not only Koo Ja-wook, but also Kim Seong-yoon, Kim Hyun-jun, and Kang Min-ho, etc., are exerting their strength.

If Koo Ja-wook, who has entered the regulation at-bat, maintains his current pace, it is worth aiming for the batting king. He is in fourth place in the batting average, behind Ah-seop Son (0.332), Guillermo Heredia (0.332), and Yang Eui-ui (0.327). In 2021, he became the title holder in this category with 107 points, but the year Ja-wook Koo ranked highest in the batting average was 3rd place (0.349) in 2015. There has never been a season in which he became the batting champion.

In particular, Ja-wook Koo, who has not been able to compete for a month, has an advantage in terms of physical strength compared to players who have competed in the past. I am curious to see how the competition for batting title, sparked by Koo Ja-wook’s addition, will go on.

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Tying Ha Joo-seok to the bench… Rebellion of a 9-year-old shortstop, not shiny

 “Honestly, I don’t think I’m the starting player. I try to help the team with the idea that the player who goes out first is the starting player.토토사이트

The answer is humble, but the skills you show on the pitch are not. Original starting shortstop Ha Joo-seok (29) was tied to the dugout, and veteran shortstop Oh Seon-jin (34) couldn’t see a gap to enter. Shortstop Lee Do-yoon (27), who has been a pro for 9 years, has completely shaken up the competition for Hanwha shortstops. Right now, it doesn’t seem like it’s sparkling and not active.

In fact, Lee Do-yoon was a player who hadn’t seen the light of day at all for the past eight years. Although he was named pretty high in 2015 with a 24th place in the 2nd 3rd round, he spent most of his career in the 2nd team. Since 2021, he has been given a chance in the first team little by little, but he has been tasked with filling in when there is a hole somewhere in the infield. He was in the process of gradually increasing his stay in the first team, taking 68 at-bats in 56 games in 2021 and 126 at-bats in 80 games in 2022.

Then, this year, a golden opportunity came to Lee Do-yoon. Joo-Seok Ha, the starting shortstop, was suspended for 70 games by the KBO after his driver’s license was suspended for driving while intoxicated in November last year. Hanwha had no choice but to be embarrassed by the departure of their main shortstop. It was because he was the core power of the team to the extent that he once took over as captain. I was put in a situation where I had to play half of this season without Ha Joo-seok, and I put out the urgent fire by bringing Oh Seon-jin in the free agent market for a total of 400 million won for 1+1 years.

Lee Do-yoon did not seize the opportunity from the beginning. Oh Seon-jin first took the place of Ha Joo-seok, and Lee Do-yoon had to wait in the second group for over 40 days after the opening. Then, as Oh Seon-jin had to leave due to hamstring and jaw injuries, Lee Do-yoon had a chance to play in the first team. Since the end of May, Lee Do-yoon has been gradually increasing his chances to play in the first team, and has been holding on for 77 days.

Even though it is actually his first full-time season, Lee Do-yoon is running hard without getting tired. As the weather got hotter after July, he turned the bat more freely. The performance of 11 games in the second half reached a batting average of 0.381 (8 hits in 21 bats). Ha Joo-seok, who returned from a drunk driving punishment, has a batting average of 0.125 (2 hits in 16 at-bats) in 10 games in the second half, and Oh Seon-jin, who recovered from an injury, has a batting average of 0.250 (3 hits in 12 at-bats) in 6 games in the second half. Of course, the director has no choice but to continue to offer Lee Do-yoon his position.

In the match against Doosan Bears in Daejeon on the 2nd, Lee Do-yoon also made a decisive blow to break the team’s 4-game losing streak. In the bottom of the 7th inning, which was chased by 3-1, Lee Jin-young’s hit and Jeong Eun-won’s walk made it 1 out, 1st and 2nd base opportunity, and Lee Do-yoon hit the right field with 2 RBIs and a timely triple, widening the distance to 5-1 at once. Considering that Doosan followed up with one more point at the beginning of the 8th inning, the additional point Lee Do-yoon picked was even more valuable. Lee Do-yoon, who recorded his first triple in his 9th year as a professional, played an active role with 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 4 at-bats.

After the game, coach Choi Won-ho said separately, “I want to praise Lee Do-yoon, who recorded multi-hits, such as recording 2 RBIs and 3 bases at the time when additional points were needed in the 7th inning.”

Lee Do-yoon smiled brightly, saying, “I feel good because I seem to have contributed more to the victory than usual. It was my first time hitting number 2, but I’m glad the result was good. There was no pressure, and I thought I would return quickly.” .

As it blooms after a difficult time, the better the day, the more I think of my family. Bok-deeng’s son, born on the 3rd of last month, is the driving force for his father, Lee Do-yoon, to exert more strength as a baseball player.

Lee Do-yoon expressed his feelings, “When I’m having a hard time, I think of my family and run harder. Even though it must be hard for my wife to raise children alone at home, she cares about me a lot, so I think I need to work harder. I’m always grateful to my wife.”

At this rate, Ha Joo-seok seems even more difficult to push Lee Do-yoon out. As a punishment, he failed to properly prepare for the season with the team,

Lee Do-yoon is still not satisfied or relieved. He said, “Honestly, I don’t think I’m the main player. I try to help the team with the idea that the player who comes out first is the main player, and I prepare to do my best by going from the back even if I don’t start as a starter.”

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“A dangerous swing that knocks the catcher down must be sanctioned.”

 “If the catcher is hit by the bat after the batter’s swing, it should be sanctioned.” SPOTV commentator Yang Sang-moon, who worked as a manager at Lotte and LG, emphasized the need for active regulation of the recently controversial ‘dangerous swing메이저놀이터‘.

Both committee members made this claim during the relay broadcast of the Kiwoom-LG match in Jamsil on the 2nd. In the sixth inning, Austin Dean swung and the bat grazed the catcher’s left forearm. It wasn’t a severe blow, but Lee Ji-young turned her left arm to check for abnormalities.

The situation happened just as Moon Seong-joo, the runner on first base, attempted to steal the base. It could have affected the play, but he caught the out from second base with an accurate throw.

In this scene, Commissioner Yang said, “If the ball thrown by the pitcher hits the batter’s head, it is a dismissal. (Similarly) if the catcher is hit by the bat after the batter swings, I think that part should also be sanctioned.”

When caster Lee Seung-hyun, who was next to him, said, “Recently, Choi Jae-hoon was injured,” Yang said, “That’s right. Even now, Lee Ji-young is hit in the arm,” he explained. Caster Lee also said, “A batter must be protected (from headshots), and in that respect, catchers are the same,” and Yang pointed out, “Isn’t it unreasonable to impose certain sanctions only on pitchers?”

The controversial incident happened on the 29th of last month. During the Incheon match between Hanwha and SSG, catcher Choi Jae-hoon collapsed after being hit with the left hand by Guillermo Heredia’s bat. He complained of considerable pain and could not get up for a while, and was replaced immediately. Heredia herself watched from the side with a worried expression.

Choi Jae-hoon was taken to the hospital and as a result of the examination, he was diagnosed with a microfracture on the back of his hand. He hasn’t been out of the roster since, but he hasn’t played in a game. In the meantime, the Eagles have suffered four consecutive losses, and manager Choi Won-ho announced that he plans to bring Choi Jae-hoon back from the game on the 3rd.

The problem is the risk of relapse. Heredia already had one fight in April. In the NC game, he hit Park Se-hyuk on the back of the head with an overswing. An ambulance came to the ground and he was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. Because of lacerations accompanied by bleeding, his head had to be stitched about 2 to 3 cm, and he was excluded from the entry and could not play for 10 days. Even after his comeback, he had to struggle with his sense of practice and batting pace.

Heredia seemed to be cautious for a while after that. His at-bat position has shifted slightly toward the pitcher, and his swing seems to have shortened. However, he is the subject of criticism for causing another accident. The day after Choi Jae-hoon was injured (July 30), his helmet was hit by a sand dune while he was at bat. Jang Si-hwan was sent off for a headshot, and the community bulletin board was hot about whether it was intentional or not.

Public opinion pointing out the problem is boiling. ‘You never know when someone else might get hurt. You can’t just leave a swing like that.’ ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t fix it. That’s more of a problem.’ ‘Looking at the results, a renewal of the contract next year is likely. So that means we have to keep seeing dangerous hitters like that.’

Therefore, it is argued that such play should be sanctioned. This means that measures such as expulsion, fines, and suspension from business trips are necessary. There is also a voice that the level of discipline should be gradually increased according to the cumulative number of times. That means it will have a preventive effect.

One netizen took the example of LG Park Dong-won. He, too, has caused problems on several occasions. However, after being criticized by public opinion, he promised to correct it with an apology. After all, this season has gotten even better. That is, you can change it as much as you like.

On the other hand, the advocates pay attention to intentionality. It wasn’t intentional, it was an accident of injustice. It means that it is revealed even in the way you are sorry. Also, it is not a blow against the rules. There is also a suggestion that if the catcher steps back a bit, it will be okay if he is anxious.

But this, too, provokes a backlash. When the catcher sits away, it affects the pitcher. If it is a problematic behavior, it is right for the culprit to correct it. It is not reasonable for the ‘victim’ to suffer loss. such an objection

Accidents caused by overswing tend to be repeated by certain hitters. It means that a person who does it according to the batting form, position, and trajectory of the swing is likely to continue. The cases of Park Dong-won and Heredia prove this.

This isn’t about following the rules. It was done inside the plate, and a bat that met the standard was used. It is also unclear whether it was intentional or not. So there is no basis for sanctions. Such an argument is not valid. Rules are only minimal norms. There can be no regulations that prioritize safety.

It is the league secretariat that makes and enforces the rules. The General Assembly, the Board, the Rules Committee, and the Supervisors’ meeting shall discuss it. Suggest improvement measures or prepare sanctions. Acceptable and systematized principles should be established. We have to answer the fans’ controversy and baseball players’ point out.

It is negligence to leave behind repeated work. It is the same to expect only the reflection of the person concerned. Expecting retaliatory beanballs as a solution is the worst. The KBO has to do its job.

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Lotte ‘left-handed lion’ wins all 3 games in the second half-ERA 1.93 ‘half battle’, expulsion crisis foreigner returns to ace

Charlie Barnes (28), the ‘left-handed lion’ of the Lotte Giants, was once on the verge of being kicked out. However, in the second half, they are sweeping the victory despite their uneasy appearance.

Barnes took the mound as a starting pitcher in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against the NC Dinos at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 2nd, recording 6 innings, 7 hits, 3 walks, 6 strikeouts and 3 runs.메이저놀이터

He was obviously not a perfect pitcher. Barnes, who gave up a hit from the first inning, made a tripartite inning, including two strikeouts in the second inning. Then, in the 3rd inning, after giving a hit to Son Ah-seop after two deaths, he committed a wild fight and was driven to the scoring crisis, and Kwon Hee-dong’s left-handed timely hit contributed a point.

In the beginning of the 4th inning, when they were leading 2-1, Jason Martin and Yoon Hyeong-jun’s consecutive hits caused a crisis on the 1st and 3rd base, and Do Tae-hoon and Park Se-hyuk were hit in a row and allowed a 3-2 turnaround. After the team succeeded in turning around 5-3, in the beginning of the 5th inning, the first and second bases were safe, but Park Kun-woo’s left fielder’s fly ball and Martin’s strikeout quickly took 2 outs. Even Yoon Hyeong-jun finished with a fly in center field, meeting the requirements for a winning pitcher.

Barnes, who threw 92 pitches through the fifth inning, came on the mound in the sixth inning as well. Barnes, who gave away balls to Do Tae-Hoon and Kim Joo-Won one after another, faced the risk of conceding again. However, the inning was closed when Son A-seop, a picky hitter, was thrown into center field in the first pitch.

On this day, Barnes did not pitch satisfactorily, sending out 10 runners. The player himself confessed, “Today’s game management was not easy.” Still, while holding on without completely collapsing, I was able to block the burden of the bullpen, which was exhausted from the previous day’s overtime game, to some extent. Lotte coach Larry Sutton also said, “I had a lot of pitches until the 6th inning, but I trusted my will to go one more inning and left it to me.”

In the second half, including this game, Barnes won all three games he started and is fighting with an average ERA of 1.93. On the 21st of last month, his first appearance in the second half, he recorded 5 hits, 5 hits, 2 strikeouts and no runs in 5⅔ innings against Sajik Kiwoom, followed by a quality start with 5 hits, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and 1 run in 7 innings against Doosan in Jamsil on the 27th (6 or more starting innings, 3 runs) earned points or less).

In fact, Barnes was on the verge of being ejected throughout the first half. Prior to the All-Star break, he pitched in 16 games and recorded a record of 5-6 with a 4.57 ERA. He also had problems with inning digestibility, barely passing 5 innings per game while pitching 82⅔ innings. His walks, which were 2.3 per 9 innings last year, increased to 3.4 in the first half, and the number of pitches per inning also increased from 15.8 to 16.9. He could not show himself as a foreign ace at all.

His biggest problem was the unpredictable ups and downs. Barnes only had an ERA of 7.58 for the month of April. There was never a quality start (more than 6 innings starting, less than 3 earned runs). In May, he managed to rebound with an ERA of 1.82 in 4 games. Then, in June, it rose again to 4.38, and the last two games of the first half were 7 innings, 11 strikeouts and 1 run (July 1 against Ulsan Doosan) and 1⅓ innings, 4 hits, 4 walks and 6 runs (July 13 against Changwon NC). It showed the contents of the pitching of the play. Kim Hyun-wook (53), Lotte pitching coach, analyzed, “The reason Barnes was bad in the beginning was because he had difficulties in pitching design and control.”

However, as Lotte used two foreign replacement cards for pitcher Dan Straley (35) and outfielder Jack Rex (30), Barnes was automatically confirmed to remain. Before the start of the second half, Coach Kim revealed what he wanted from Barnes, saying, “It’s good when it’s good. Then the key is to maintain this good shape.”

The content of the pitch itself is uneasy, but Barnes is digesting more than 5 innings in all games in the second half anyway. Park Se-woong (28) and Na Gyun-an (24), who led the team’s starting lineup in the first half, were sluggish in the second half, and Barnes’ rebound is certainly welcome. In particular, Aaron Wilkerson (34), a new foreign pitcher, also played 5 innings in 2 games, alleviating worries about innings.

As of the 2nd, Lotte recorded a season win rate of 0.477 (42 wins, 46 losses) and remains in 7th place. It is still 2.5 games away from 5th place NC, and it is still holding on to its hopes for fall baseball. This is the situ

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2-year grace period for overseas expansion and Jang Hyun-suk’s MLB challenge

Prospective amateur baseball pitcher Jang Hyeon-seok (19, Masan Yongma High School) announced that he would advance to the Major League (MLB). Controversy over his ‘suitability’ is accelerating inside and outside the baseball world over him, who was selected for the final entry for the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) baseball team to be held in September.토토사이트

Jang Hyun-seok announced his position on the 1st through his management company Ricoh Sports Agency, saying, “I have made up my mind to challenge the world’s best stage (MLB).” The deadline for participation in the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft was August 15th. Jang Hyun-suk was a fireballer who threw a fastball at 150km per hour, and was evaluated as the ‘biggest rookie fish’ early on. Although he was expected to be the first overall pick, he made it clear that he would negotiate with MLB clubs without submitting a draft application.

The overseas expansion of promising players is more like an annual event. Even last year, Shim Jun-seok (a graduate of Deoksu High School), the greatest pitcher, signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Prospective hitter Cho Won-bin (graduated from Seoul Convention High School) also wore the St. Louis Cardinals uniform. Jang Hyun-suk has a slightly different texture. His spirit of challenge to the world’s best stage is worthy of applause, but there are several question marks attached to him in that he is the Hangzhou AG baseball representative.

Ryu Joong-il, coach of the Asian Games baseball team, answers questions from reporters at a press conference announcing the list of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team held at the Baseball Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of June 9. [yunhap news]

Jang Hyun-seok was named in the final entry (24 players) of the Hangzhou AG baseball team announced in June. AG, where military service benefits are given upon winning a gold medal, is a ‘dream tournament’ that unskilled professional baseball players want to play in. AG baseball, where Japan and Taiwan do not recruit professional players, is one of the gold medal-winning events in which the national team is aiming for a fourth consecutive victory. Through the high competition rate, the final entry was decided, and Jang Hyun-seok was the only amateur baseball player selected.

At the request of the Korea Baseball Softball Association, Jeong Jae-bok (then Hanyang University) in 2002, Jeong Min-hyeok (then the Yonsei University) in 2006, Kim Myeong-seong (then the Chung-Ang University) in 2010, and Hong Seong-moo (then the Dong-eui University) in 2014 wore the Taegeuk mark as amateurs. Among high school students, Jang Hyun-seok is the first in history. According to the AG results, he could become the ‘first high school player in history to receive military service benefits and sign a contract with an MLB club’. This is where the controversy over the suitability of the national team arises.

Currently, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) is systematically preventing the indiscriminate outflow of prospects. Article 107 of the KBO Rules [Special Cases for Foreign Players] stipulates, ‘A player who has attended high school or higher in Korea and signed a player contract with a foreign professional team without being registered as a member of a Korean professional team is not eligible for a player contract with a foreign professional team. It is stated that players cannot sign contracts with KBO clubs for two years from the date of termination. Even if a player who challenges the MLB organizes his life in the United States, he has to wait at least two years to play in the KBO league.

Jang Hyun-seok, who skipped the draft, will also be subject to this clause if he signs with a major league team in the future. It is pointed out that it is not right to give military service benefits to players who violate the special provisions related to overseas expansion. A professional baseball official pointed out, “Isn’t the generational change of the baseball team declared by the KBO considering the KBO league a priority?

The Hangzhou AG Technical Committee (Chairman Yeom Gyeong-yeop), formed in February of last year, discussed that even if an amateur player is selected for the final entry, the player should not have any intention to go abroad. I agreed with the general purpose that the great benefit of military service should be used for the development of the league. However, due to the impact of Corona 19, the tournament was postponed for a year, and the existing policy was discarded as a new Power Reinforcement Committee (Chairman Jo Gye-hyun) was formed.

It was a planned procedure for Jang Hyun-seok, the biggest player in high school, to join the national team. Depending on the result, his baseball life is expected to have wings. An ama baseball official asked back, “Even if he is the best player in high school, isn’t he playing the role of an ace in the AG national team?”Z

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