Ohtani, who is completely injured from his elbow to his side, is shockingly missing 7 games in a row… “Able to compete as early as the 12th”, the head coach predicted

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Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels), who was completely injured after injuring his elbow and then his side, remained on the bench for 7 consecutive games. The head coach predicted that he would participate in the game on the 12th (Korean time).메이저놀이터

Ohtani missed the 4th game of the 2023 Major League Baseball 4-game home game against the Cleveland Guardians held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA on the 11th (Korean time). Since the game against the Baltimore Orioles on the 5th, he has not played in 7 consecutive games.

The reason for Otani’s absence was injury. Ohtani was prematurely dismissed after injuring his elbow while pitching in a game against the Cincinnati Reds on the 24th of last month. As a result of a hospital examination, his right ulnar collateral ligament was found to be damaged, and his two-hitting duties were halted. Afterwards, he focused only on batting, but complained of pain in his side during batting practice before Baltimore on the 5th, and has not been able to stand at bat until now. Contrary to the head coach’s expectation that recovery would be possible in a day or two, the injury is prolonged.

Ohtani is expected to be able to play starting with the Seattle Mariners away game on the 12th. ‘CBS Sports’ of the United States said, “Ohtani missed 7 consecutive games due to maintenance of his right side. In addition, surgery is expected to be necessary due to an injury to the medial collateral ligament of the right elbow, but Angels manager Phil Nevin predicted that Ohtani could return as a designated hitter as soon as the game against Seattle on the 12th.

The Angels, ranked 4th in the American League West, beat Cleveland 2-1 despite Ohtani’s absence and won two games in a row. Finished the 4-game series at home with a 3-1 lead.

Starting in the first inning, they scored the first run with a double by leadoff Randall Grichuk and an advanced base hit by Brandon Drury, followed by a sacrifice fly by Mike Moustakas. They faced Cole Calhoun in the second inning and allowed a solo home run to tie the game, but in the third inning, Kyren Paris’ single and the pitcher’s consecutive balks led to the winning run with Grichuk’s one-run infield grounder on third base with one out. They scored 2 runs on 3 hits and defeated Cleveland, who had 8 hits and 1 run.

Starter Kenny Rosenberg reported his first win in the big league with 6 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 4 strikeouts, and 1 run in 5 innings.

On the other hand, Cleveland, second in the Central Division, lost two games in a row, with a record of 68 wins and 76 losses. Starting Tanner Bybee suffered his 4th loss (10th win) of the season due to the batting line being silent despite pitching 7 innings with 2 hits, no walks, 8 strikeouts, and 2 runs allowed. Jose Ramirez, Calhoun, and Andres Jimenez’s multiple hits were overshadowed by the loss.

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