“I said I was worried every time Kim Ha-seong ran…” Have you ever seen this type of poisoning? He sprained his ankle and ran.

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San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong (28) broke his ankle while stealing a base. Fortunately, it wasn’t a major injury, and he played until the end of the game. San Diego coach Bob Melvin shook his head in shock. 

Ha-seong Kim started as the number one hitter and second baseman in the 2023 Major League Baseball away game against the Oakland Athletics held at Ring Central Coliseum in Oakland, California, USA on the 16th (Korean time), and recorded no hits in five at-bats, one walk, and one stolen base. 

Ha-seong Kim, who went silent for two consecutive games following a no-hitter in 4 at-bats and 3 strikeouts against the LA Dodgers on the 14th, saw his season batting average drop from .2068 to .206.6 (132 hits in 497 at-bats) and his OPS from .771 to . It fell to 764. In 12 September games, he had a batting average of .166 (8 hits in 50 at-bats) and an OPS of .396. 메이저놀이터

Although Ha-Seong Kim was unable to use his power at bat, his movements on the floor were still active. Ha-seong Kim, who reached first base after getting a straight walk from Adrian Martinez in the 6th inning, jumped to second base from the first pitch when the next batter, Fernando Tatis Jr., came to bat. He made it easy with a bent-leg slide to steal his 36th base of the season. 

However, in the process, he almost suffered serious injury. Instead of the head-first sliding he usually did, he did a bent-leg sliding with his legs, and his back foot was bent in front of the base due to the acceleration. He was left footed. Kim Ha-seong, who sat down on second base for a moment, got up himself, but his face was grimacing and his legs limped. Manager Melvin and the team’s trainer rushed to second base and directly checked Kim Ha-seong’s condition. 

Following the trainer’s instructions, Ha-Seong Kim jumped in place several times. He then made a light run toward center field and gave the ‘OK’ sign. He played the entire game until the end of the 9th inning without being replaced. Even in the attack that continued after the stolen base, the lead at second base was long and harassed pitcher Martinez. Martinez seemed to be still worried about Ha-seong Kim and looked at second base before throwing the third pitch. 

Ha-seong Kim announced that his ankle was in good condition with an amazing defense in the 8th inning. With one out in the 8th inning, he caught a difficult ground ball that passed by Oakland’s Ryan Noda’s pitcher and two-bounded with his backhand, then threw it to first base with a light running throw to get an out. Even in the last inning of the 9th inning, he steadily handled two ground balls out, contributing to San Diego’s 8-3 victory. 

According to MLB.com, after the game, Coach Melvin said, “Kim Ha-sung said he gets worried every time he steps on the field recently. “He played that much,” he said. “I think he sprained his ankle a little bit. Fortunately, his condition improved and he played the rest of the game. “He looks fine,” he said with relief.

Coach Melvin gave Kim Ha-seong his first rest in the second half of the game against the Dodgers on the 13th and said, “I’m worried that something will happen to Kim Ha-seong every time I go on the field. “He is small, but he plays hard with passion and will,” he said, expressing concern that Kim Ha-seong’s hustle and unselfish play could lead to injuries. It wasn’t for nothing. 

Ha-seong Kim, whose trademark feature is that his helmet comes off every time he sprints, suffered three major injuries this season, but showed quick recovery so that there was no gap. 

He suffered pain in the aftermath of being hit in the left knee by his own foul hit in a game against the Washington Nationals on May 26, but only rested for one game. Then, in a game against the New York Mets on June 8, he injured his right big toe while kicking the dugout bucket in anger after being left as a baserunner, but he missed only one game this time.

In the game against the Texas Rangers on July 31, he suffered pain in his right shoulder due to a home collision with the opposing catcher, but showed his will to start as a designated hitter the very next day. At the time, Ha-seong Kim said, “There is no player who is 100% healthy. “If he is able to play, he must play every day,” he said, expressing a strong sense of responsibility. 

There is no need to overdo it as fall baseball in San Diego is almost over, but Ha-seong Kim went all out that day and stole a base, and even after going through a dizzying situation, he did not fall out and played the remaining innings. There are only 14 games left in San Diego’s season. Ha-seong Kim, who has 17 home runs and 36 stolen bases, still has more to do. 

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